Brauerei Spall

Georg-Metzler-Straße 21
74747 Ravenstein (Ballenberg)
Tel: 06297 219

Osterburken Station 11km/oddly enough fairly regular buses on Sunday

Opening hours:
No information available but you can inquire at the restaurant about getting into see what looks like a great old brewery.

Output: ? HL

Founded in 1883 as the Ochsenbrauerei by Albert Spall, the current name is Brauerei Spall though the restaurant remains Brauereigastätte Ochsen. They have no internet presence and there is scarce information to find even in German. Historically, they had a larger range of beers but it’s down to two: an unfiltered Pils and a Dunkler Bock. They at least cover a wide spectrum with their choices! They do not bottle but you can buy small 5 liter party kegs, available right in the restaurant.

Beers: Spall Keller Pils, Spall Spallator.

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