Brauerei Sauer

brewery exterior
Sutte 5
96129 Roßdorf am Forst
Tel: 09543-1578

Strullendorf Station 4.5 km/Bamberg Station 9 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Mondays
Daily 11:00 to 22:00
Warm food 11:30 to 14:00 & 16:30 to 20:30

Output: 5000 HL

Founded in 1784, the Sauer family has been brewing here ever since. The half-timbered house is their scenic home all year with a cozy interior and ample menu. In summer, their scenic Felsenkeller adds to the small village’s allure.

Their warm brewpub offered us refuge on a cold wet day as we hiked from Litzendorf to Strullendorf. We’d stopped at a few breweries along the way but still found room for a very tasty Flammkuchen (think German pizza) and an assortment of their quite dry flavorful beers, including a marvelous Bock.

Their tasty Flammkuchen & the Urbräu in Steinkrug and Bockbier

We got back to the breweries a couple times recently, once for another round of Flammkuchen  with some good friends from the US. We also stopped in on Easter Monday for a proper meal and to try their dry-hopped Frühlings Märzen. I had Lammbraten with a dumpling and string beans and my wife opted for the Zander filet. She started off with a creamy asparagus soup too.

a fine Easter Monday meal

We had started out eating inside but we decided to move outside for our dessert, a very good Apfelküchle.  We also got to see the village’s fountain decorated for Easter.

Aparagus soup, Apfelkuchle & Osternbrunnen

We’ve decided to make Sauer a more lunch stop more often. It’s not far off the highway and has fantastic food.

Beers: Urbräu Lager (unfiltered), Pils, Braunbier, Weissbier and Bockbier (seasonal)
Beer calender:

Frühlings Märzen in spring
Kirchweih is the 2nd weekend in July
Bockbieranstich is the middle of October
Sommerbier (3.5%) is summer

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