Brauerei Neder

forchheim neder exterior
Sattlertorstraße 10
91301 Forchheim
Tel: 09191-2400

Forchheim Station 950 meters

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00
Sunday and holidays from 9:00-13:00

Output: 5000 HL

Founded in 1554, this is still perhaps the town’s most traditional brewpub with one beer still dispensed from gravity tap. It’s possibly the least updated and retains the one-room boozer atmosphere of yore.  I had an amazing Festbier in a bottle from them in 2006 and more recently, at the Annafest, had their lovely Schwarze Anna on tap.

I returned in November 2019 in search of a Bock and was happy to find the Gregor Bockbier, though only in a bottle form. The Export was the only beer being served on tap and it was still happily gravity dispensed.

Neder Gregor Bockbier & gravity dispense Export

I specifically returned a month later to have the Export, listed as Fassbier. It was served in a ceramic Krug but I ordered a second one in a glass to see if it was unfiltered and it was a bright golden.

Fassbier in Krug and glass

While in Forchheim for a long weekend, I was mostly in the countryside, hiking to Bierkellers but did stop into Neder for a few Exports. I discovered an outside seating area in the rear of the building. I wouldn’t call it cozy, especially compared to Brauerie Eichhorn up the road but it was a nice place to sit on a very sunny day.

enjoying an Export Fassbier out back of Neder & a Pils I brought home

Beers: Export from gravity dispense. Bottled: Schwarze Anna, Klassik 1554 hell, Braunbier, Premium Pils, Kellerbier, Anna Weisse.

Beer calendar:
Gregor Bockbier in winter
St. Anna-Festbier from May until the end of August
Weihnachts-Festbier from November until February
Annafest from the Saturday before July 26th

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