Neder St. Anna-Festbier

beer in mug with pewter lid and bottle
Neder St. Anna-Festbier

Brewery: Neder
unfiltered light amber
white, thinning
light grain, underlying hops, hint of spice
medium, soft
balanced, richly malty, grainy, touch of roast, semi-dry, a touch of butterscotch
clean, dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought in Forchheim

Impression: The third of my bottled Annafestbiers comes from the town’s most revered brewery so I had high hopes. I remember drinking it on tap at the festival but quickly switched to their Schwarze Anna as it was on tap, a rare sight. This one one poured with very little head and even that dissipated quickly. There’s some spice in the nose which mixes in the the formidable malt in the palate. There’s a bit of roast and the hops kick in as it warms, making for more bitterness than is initially apparent. By the bottom of the mug, I get the connection to their Export and will reserve final judgement until I can have it on tap at the Annafest again.

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