Brauerei Hübner

Hauptstraße 28
96196 Wattendorf
Tel: 09504 207
Bamberg 24 km/very limited bus service
Opening hours:
Closed Wednesday
Monday, Friday & Saturday from 4:30
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday from 11:30
Output: 1000 HL
Founded in 1806, this small village brewery seems to be doing well for itself considering they have a formidable rival just up the main street in town. It’s larger than it appears from the outside but if going for their excellent hot lunches, it’s not a bad idea to make a reservation or get there early.  The interior is homey and bustling.
This was an accidental find. When researching Brauerei Hübner in Steinfeld, this place came up. It’s not odd to have two places with the same name. There must about 50 Wagner Bräu’s but it was a bit strange in that they were not all that far apart.  As luck would have it, they had hot meals on the Good Friday we would be visiting and the other Hübner only had cold dishes.  So, we went to my original choice first for an early beer and here for the meal.
It was Good Friday so there wasn’t any meat on the menu so I was forced to try fish, something I’d always been leery about doing in Germany. It was a codfish in a creamy sauce, which didn’t sound great to me but with limited choices, I went for it and was glad I did. It was truly exceptional.  Their Dunkles was better than expected, too: a great dry fruity brew. I followed it up with their seasonal Hellerbock, which was quite dry for the style so very happy with the beers, overall.

Codfish with Hübner’s Dunkles & Hellerbock
It worked out well for us that the Steinfeld brewery didn’t have hot meals or we would have eaten there and missed this place (and great beer) altogether.  It was so good, we went back the next year on Good Friday but didn’t pay attention to the menu. We ordered the codfish but it was battered and fried. The other fish was served the way ours was the previous year and looked the same. Next time, we’ll be sure to order the one in the creamy dill sauce no matter what fish it is!
Beers:  Dunkles Lager, Zwickel-Pils, 3-Ährenbier.
Beer calendar:
Maibock from the 1st of May until it’s finished
Fastenbock during Lent
Fastenbock Anstich is on the Friday after Ash Wednesday
Kirchweih is the weekend after Ascension Day
Barbara Kirchweih is early December
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