Brauerei Dremel

Hauptstraße 21
96196 Wattendorf
Tel: 09504 271

Bamberg Station 24 km/very limited bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday to Thursday (hopefully temporary)
Friday & Saturday from 17:00
Sunday 11:00 to 13:30 & from 16:30 t0 20:00

Output: 500 HL

Founded in 1865, this slightly smaller rival of Hübner was on my list for Good Friday this year but a request for a table was met with their being closed for lunch that day. I did get a reservation for Easter Monday and was glad I’d made it as it was absolutely packed on arrival.

They had about six choices for the midday Easter Monday meal and all looked appetizing. We both opted for roast veal in a lovely rich sauce with dumplings and creamed savory cabbage. I started off with an odd choice for a special Easter brew called Schwarzes. This is a style more known in Saxony but it was quite a good example with a dry roasty palate and clean bitterish finish.

Kalbsbraten with Klöße & the specialty Schwarzes

It was a big meal so it gave me a chance to try their other beers. The Dunkles Zwicklbier was more Franconian. It was a bit fruity and much drier with a slightly more bitter finish. I also had a small Helles Zwicklbier, which had a slight cereal grain element but was overall a dry fruity brew. I’d probably stick with the Dunkles next time but was happy with all three beers. Hope to check out their bock one day.

An excellent Dunkles and certainly quaffable Helles

Beers: Helles Zwicklbier, Dunkles Zwicklbier, Weizen.

I recently picked up a bottle of their excellent Dunkles Bockbier.

dark beer in lidded mug with bottle

Dremel Dunkles Bockbier

Beer calendar:
Festbier from the beginning of August
Bockbier from late October
Schwarzes, possibly a one off but had it on Easter Monday

Kirchweih is the weekend after Ascension Day
Hoffest is the first weekend in August
Bockbieranstich is the end of October
Barbara Kircweich is the beginning of December

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