Birk am Forst (Untersiemau)

With a name like Birk am Forst it should come as no surprise that the little village is close to a wooded area and though I had no time to explore it, from maps it looks to have plenty of trails. In fact, I see a 7km trail that leads to Litchtenfels so the lack of good public transport isn’t as much of a factor as I had imagined. We stopped for lunch as we were driving through the area anyway.  Of course, the stop was at the local brewpub.

Brauerei-Gasthof Eller
brewpub exterior
Brunnenstraße 10
96253 Birkach a. Forst (Untersiemau)
Tel: 09565/10 33
Rooms available

Lichtenfels station 9km

Opening hours:
Monday/Tuesday          9:00 to 13:00 & 17:00 to 22:00
Closed Wednesday
Thursday to Saturday  9:00 to 13:00 & 17:00 to 22:00
Sunday & holidays       9:00 to 22:00

Output: 1500 HL

Founded in 1822 and still in the Eller family, this small local has rooms available making it a potential overnight stop. It’s not far off the highway so it also makes a good lunch stop and it’s also connected to Lichtenfels via a 7km trail. We stopped for lunch and though the menu was limited on a Saturday, there were enough choices to keep us happy. Full roasts are available on Sundays & holidays and if our meals were any indication, I’m sure they’re excellent. The dining area is a bit dated but homey and well-kept. Service was friendly and efficient.

Birkacher Rotes hit the spot to start

I started off with their signature Birkacher Rotes, a fine Rotbier. My wife had a massive and home-pounded Cordon Bleu and I opted for the house-butchered Sülze with Bratkartoffeln. Both were excellent and great value. I also sampled their sessionable Pils.

great value & tasty food

It was a great lunch stop and sure we’ll be back. With rooms available, we may even spend a night so my wife can enjoy their beer too. I was happy to find their beer in a local beer store so got some for home so she could at least try them. I got to try the Vollbier that way too.


Some bottled Eller beers

I recently picked up their Bock and it was another fine beer.

Beers: Birkacher Rotes, Eller Pils on tap. Bottled Eller Vollbier.

Seasonal Bock in autumn.

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