Bayreuth is most known as home to the Richard Wagner Festival which draws tons of tourists each year. It also has a long brewing history that is unfortunately not as glorious as in times past.  Brauerei Maisel is the big player and its old red brick brewery not far from the train station is something to see. They are making a foray into the craft beer scene now too.  Many of the smaller breweries have gone by the wayside in recent years and even some of the mid-sized ones have gone the contract brew route.  At any rate, you won’t go thirsty in Bayreuth and if you want to see what all the fuss was about, head out to Becher-Bräu, a few kilometers from the city center but worth the short walk.

4-Becher-Bräu July 20201

Manns Bräu

Maisel & Friends Liebesbier

Brauerei Schinner 
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