Beim Käck'n

Marktplatz 18
92670 Neuhaus
Tel: 09681 – 2312
Opening hours:
Friday to Monday from 10:00
Beim Käck’n is very much like visiting someone’s house and is certainly a quintessential Zoigl experience. It’s like sitting in a friend’s kitchen and it’s very much a family affair, with lots of kids enjoying the tasty food the Stube dishes out.
kitchen atmosphere of Beim Käck’n
We arrived to a packed house and had to stand in the small entrance area, happy to be out of the wet, cold weather with a tasty Zoigl in hand. We would have likely left after one but a table opened up inside and we went in and wound up ordering a great plate of Geräuchertes (smoked ham).
home-butchered smoked ham at Beim Käck’n
Beers: Beim Käck’n Zoigl
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