Zoiglwirtschaft zum Waldhauser

Freyung 26
92660 Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab
Tel: 0160 97834467
Check their Facebook page for schedule of weekends it’s open

Opening hours (when open as per above)
Friday to Tuesday  from 10:00 to 23:00

Neustadt an der Waldnaab had a six hundred year communal brewing tradition but I can’t find much of anything about it and I assume it is had and not has. That said, when searching for a Zoiglstube to stop in for lunch when driving down the Autobahn, this place came up. It had the advantage of having hours on a Tuesday afternoon so we stopped in. It was a very charming little place with lots of atmosphere and pretty much empty, surely due to the timing of our visit.

a surprisingly cozy & atmospheric Zoigstube

Service was friendly and quick. The food was typical and quite good. We split a plate of Geräuchertes mixed with cheese as well as Leberkäse with fried eggs on top. I guess I was pretty hungry as I forgot to take photos and nabbed this one from their website.

a very tasty Zoigl & a very fine Geräuchertes too

I was surprised. The Zoigl was also good and I’m looking to find out where it’s brewed. I’ll update it if and when I do. Until then, if in the area, it’s worth a stop for lunch and for a Zoigl. It’s right off the highway so an easy stop too.

Beer: Waldhauser Zoigl

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