Zentbechhofen is a small village located in the Aisch area but also not far from the Hallerndorf Bierkellers. It’s remote transit-wise and the opening hours of its brewpub make a quick visit difficult unless traveling by your own transport. There is some pretty walking in the area with plenty of ponds, making it a carp-rich area too.

Brauerei Friedel

Höchstadter Straße 1
91315 Höchstadt a.d.Aisch (Zentbechhofen)
Tel: 09502/209

Hirschaid station 11 km

Opening hours:
Monday & Wednesday through Friday from 16:00
Weekends & holidays                              from 9:00
Closed Tuesday

Output: 2000 HL

Founded in 1447 and in the same family, this small brewpub isn’t the easiest place to visit. I planned a hike to include it and arrived on a Sunday early in the afternoon so it should have been open. There were people inside from the sounds of it. I was told on trying to enter the front door that it was closed. 🙁  I hope to return another time despite a less then warm welcome.

some scenes from my non-visit

I recently picked up a bottle of their lovely Friedelsator and hope to return a this was a good Bock.

golden beer in glass with bottle

Beers: Vollbier, Landbier, Kellerbier, Hell, Hefeweizen hell, seasonal Friedelsator.

Beer calendar:

Brauereifest is May 1st
Kirchweih  is the 2nd weekend in July |
Bockbieranstich is the last Saturday in October
Bockbier hell from the end of October
Weihnachtsbier from the beginning of December

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