Brauerei Pfister
weigelshofen pfister exter
Eggerbachstraße 22
91330 Eggolsheim
Tel: 09545 942 60

Eggolsheim Station 5 km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday
Monday & Wednesday from 5:00
Thursday to Sunday from 11:00

Output: 1700 HL

Founded in 1848, the Pfister family seems to have a winning combination of sticking to tradition but also looking towards the future.  They’ve kept the brewpub interior pretty much the way it likely looked when it was built but added nice touches to it and their typical Franconian fare that gives it that little extra flair.  Updated rooms are available and their website has information about changing specials featuring multi-course menus paired with beers,  rooms included.

There’s a cute little Biergarten out back but unfortunately their legendary Schwarzer Keller has been closed for a few years and it appears unless someone wants to lease it, it will remain so. It’s s shame as it was reportedly one of Franconia’s most scenic.

some shots from my latest visit

I was here on one of my first trips into rural Franconia and only stopped in for a quick beer but it was a marvelous Kellerbier.  As with their eye to modernity with food, they have embraced the craft beer revolution and now produce some specialty beers, as well.

We’ve just returned from a return visit to kick off the long Easter weekend Germans still enjoy. Not only is Good Friday a holiday nationwide, but Easter Monday is, too. We only spent one night there en route to some other beer stops but it was so good, we’re sure to return much more quickly than the sixteen years it took to do so the first time!

tasteful room & pub dining area

The room was nicely renovated with a modern bath and sink area and the breakfast included was quite good despite it being on Good Friday (no meat) with a nice cheese selection as well as smoked salmon and very nice rolls.  While €75 is not cheap for a double in rural Franconia, it was very good value considering the quality of the room and breakfast.

Of course, the real reason to return was to enjoy a meal and a few of their beers and that we did. We both opted for pork loin with green beans cooked with bacon and roasted potatoes. It was an excellent meal and nicely presented.  The interior of the brewery surely hasn’t changed much since we were there in 2002 but some nice little touches like flowers on the table had my attention to detail wife ready to return.

pork tenderloin with green beans & Pfister Kellerbier

The beer was perhaps better than I remembered. We both had their Kellerbier to start and this was the darkest of their beers and served handsomely in a pewter lidded mug that showed off its unfiltered amber hue well. It had some chocolate notes but overall it was a dry bitterish brew with a fine finish begging you to drink more.

It was certainly the kind of beer you could drink all night but I decided to try the Landbier, which confusingly was served in a pewter lidded Krug, which is more typical of Kellerbiers. I noticed another diner having one in a clear glass so could see that it was a light golden color with a rocky white head. It had a slight cereal grain element before a  nice mix of malt and hops settled in. The finish was slightly bitter and though nice, it wasn’t nearly as good as the true Keller Bier. This was a case of names being confusing and surely many people order them as either the Dunkles or Helles, which would cause less confusion.

Landbier in Krug & Josephi Bock

Their Josephi Bock was unfortunately not on tap but we went for a bottle anyway and were glad we did.  The unfiltered golden brew was a fine mix of malt and hops with a long bitter finish.  It was so good, we got a six to go the next day.

It had been a long drive in a lot of traffic so we stayed in the pub fairly long, enjoying a few more of the most tasty of the beers: the Keller Bier. Though the meal was ample, we decided to get a pancake with a cranberry sauce. Thankfully, we’d seen the table next to us sharing it as it was quite large and one was certainly enough.

pancake on platePfannkuchen

I finally got back to Pfister in the summer of 2020 albeit without my wife. I was doing a hike to Brauerei Först in Drügendorf and it made for a perfect lunch stop. The Biergarten was even more charming that I’d imagined.

a tough spot to pry yourself away from

I stuck to the Kellerbier this time around and enjoyed a lovey Karpfenfilet with Kartoffelsalat. I’m not a huge fan of a full carp due to the preponderance of bones but the filet is nice. It was another excellent meal and hope to get my wife back here to enjoy the Biergarten. I picked up their lightly smoky Schirnaidler to drink at home.

a winning combination of carp & Kellerbier

Beers:Pfister Öko-LandbierPfister Öko-Schwarz Keller Bier (naturtrüb), Pfister Öko-Hefeweizen.

Special beers: Baptist, Stephan, Leo and Josef. Schirnaidler

Beer calendar:
Pfister Josephi Bock around Easter
Pfister Öko-Bockbier from the beginning of November until the end of December.

Sommerfest is the end of July.
Bockbieranstich is late October or early November.

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