Weib’s Brauhaus

Untere Schmiedgasse 13
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851/57 94 90


Crailsheim Station 23km/Dombühl Station 23km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday
Wednesday from 17:00 to 23:00
Thursday to Monday from 11:00 to 23:00

Output: 250 HL

Weib’s Brauhaus, the woman’s brewery, plays into the theme that women were at one time across the board responsible for brewing with its witch-like logo. Accordingly, the brewer is a woman and there is a woman’s touch to the tasteful decor. Founded in 1999, it’s a modern affair with shiny copper kettles on display and while it’s generally not the kind of place I seek out, a Franconian friend had suggested it. I’m glad he did.

 refreshing Weib’s Weissbier & a shiny kettles

It had been a long trip up to Dinkelsbühl and after a sunny walk over to the brewery from the bus stop, I was ready for a Weib’s Weißbier. It was much drier than most in the style and a gorgeous pour. It appears more women should perhaps retake the mantel.

Weib’sHelles & Leberkäse

It would have been easy to have another but I moved on to Weib’s Helles and it was again quite on the dry side and certainly hoppier than most in the style. They had quite a few rather large meal choices but I knew I was going to have another full meal for dinner so opted for what was described as for “lighter appetites.”  The Leberkäse mit Ei und Bratkartoffeln was quite sufficient and only after seeing some of the bigger meals did I not laugh at their portrayal. It was excellent, especially the fried potatoes.

It took me some time to visit this charming town and I’d come back even without the beer on offer. Weib’s Brauhaus is another great reason to make the trip. Along with the excellent value food and beer, service was friendly and attentive. I missed it on my visit but there’s evidently a nice leafy Biergarten out back. 

Beers: Weib’s Brauhaus Weißbier, Weib’s Helles

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