Vogelstrasse 14,
91301 Forchheim
Telefon 09191 2321

Forchheim Station 550 meters

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday from 17:30
Closed Monday & they have quite a few holidays, call ahead

Quirky little pub with limited seating, though in warmer months the tables outside make it considering larger. Limited menu but excellent and ample Schnitzel & Bratkartoffeln.

 quirky Vogelgässler

This alone would probably ensure you need to call ahead for a table but they also tap a barrel of Först Lagerbier when it opens. Get there early as once it runs out, it’s bottled. It’s proximity to the station makes it particularly handy and the actual brewery has very limited opening hours so a rare chance to have this beer not only on tap but gravity dispensed.

tasty Först Lager from barrel & big Schnitzel

Beers: Först Lager from gravity dispense. Bottled: Först Premium

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