Först Lagerbier

unfiltered amber beer in mug with logo
Först Lagerbier

Brewery: Först
Color: unfiltered, dark
white, creamy, thinning
faint grain
Body: medium,
Palate: malty, slight grain, slightly sour
Finish: slightly dry, moreish

Served: on tap at the Vogelgässler in Forchheim

Impression: I had this beer in 2012 quite by accident. I’d returned to Eggolsheim to revisit the Schwarzes Kruez brewpub there after a 10 year hiatus from my lone stop. It turned out to have stopped brewing a few months earlier. On the way back to the station, I spotted a pub fairly close and with some time to spare, got a beer. It was this Först Lagerbier and it was excellent. I’d never heard of it prior and had been trying to find it ever since. The brewpub in Drügendorf has very limited and inconvenient opening hours if traveling by public transportation but I finally made it there after this visit.  I was happy to hear from a friend that this pub in Forchheim not only has it but it’s gravity dispensed. I went right after its reopening following the COVID-19 restrictions. It was nicely poured and very soft in mouthfeel. The malty plate is just dry enough to make it a real session beer.

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