Stegaurach is the larger postal code town incorporating twelve smaller villages. The whole conglomeration doesn’t amount to much population-wise but its close proximity to Bamberg gave it some historical significance as a stopping point. With so much great beer in Bamberg, it’s hard to imagine locals heading out this way but that they do, for great value meals (especially carp) and yet another great group of beers. Aside from that, there’s little reason to make the pilgrimage but with easy frequent buses, that’s more than enough for the intrepid beerwanderer.

Gasthof Brauerei Müller (Debring)
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I recently tasted the Hausbräu Stegaurach Lagerbier at the Bamberg Sanderwa, which is also technically in Debring. I believe it is only a brewery with no brewpub to eat/drink in.  Regardless, the next time in the area, I’ll make the time to go investigate as the beer was quite nice

Hausbräu Stegaurach
Ruhlstraße 6
96135 Stegaurach

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