St. GeorgenBräu Bierkeller

buttenheim st. georgen bräu keller exterior
96155 Buttenheim
Tel: 0151-18020990

Opening hours:
From late April until mid-October in good weather

Daily from 14:00
Saturday, Sunday &
holidays from 11:00
Closed when weather is not nice

Buttenheim Station 2 km

This is one pretty Bierkeller, really one of my favorites with big leafy trees and a view over the quaint town of Buttenheim.  It’s a great spot for sunset. There’s no big restaurant like at the Löwenbräu Keller across the road so it’s only open when the weather is fine. They still have full meals but it’s a changing and smaller menu.  Their snacks plates are great and they really have amazing bread, something that is unfortunately becoming hard to come by at Bierkellers.

I had a great mixed meat plate both times there and will surely do it again soon. I brought my wife there after raving about the place and she said it lived up to even my hype!

Mixed meat plate at sunset

I finally got back to this sweet Bierkeller over the Pfingsten weekend right after it reopened from the COVID-19 lockdown. It was very well-organized and once at your table with beer and food, you could removed your mask and it felt pretty normal. The tables were spread out rather than some being closed off and that made it look nicer too. We had a plate of Zwetchgenbames and a Kellerbier to start our hike, splitting the food as we had four stops on our route. The Kellerbier was in very good form and I was relieved as I’d heard bad things about it. The food seemed a bit smaller but still very good quality and nicely presented with some grapes for good measure.

St. GeorgenBräu Keller remains a worthwhile stop

Beers: Kellerbier, Helles, Weißbier all on tap, Keller from gravity dispense.

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