Sesslach is an amazing walled medieval town that surely surprises anyone who happens upon it. Better yet, it’s not anywhere near as touristy as other similar towns and if not for its interesting brewing history, it would have almost certainly eluded me.  Easily reached by bus from Coburg, it’s well worth the trip.


Pfarrgasse 105
96145 Seßlach

Opening hours:
Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 for beer purchase/tours only by arrangement

This is a communal brewery dating back to 1335 and is still owned and is in use by the town.  The beer is brewed here but supplied to two of the town’s pubs, which are listed below. You can also purchase beer directly at the brewery on Fridays.

I was here in 2003 and must admit to not remembering much to distinguish the two places. I believe we ate at the Roter Ochse and the food was great.

I finally got back in 2020 and things hadn’t changed that much. The links below will take you to the new experiences at both of the town’s outlets for the communal beer. While both are brewed at the communal brew house, they are brewed by the outlet’s individual owners and are quite different.

Output: 1500 HL

Beers: Seßlacher Hausbrauerbier.

Beer calendar:
Seßlacher Bockbier from  early March and early  November

Gasthof Reinwand
sesslach reinwand banner
Roter Ochse
sesslach roter ochse banner

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