burgebrach schanen-keller exterior

Kellerberg 5

96138 Burgebrach
Tel: 09546-306

Opening hours:
Daily from 11:00

This is a classic Franconian Bierkeller. Small, cozy and intimate. When we went up to get the keys to our room back at the Gasthof, everyone in the entire Keller looked at us like we’d descended from outer space.  When we returned after going to Zehendner in Mönchsambach, it was like we were regulars.  Very friendly staff.  Their Kellerbier is fantastic and they even had a great Maibock on tap, too.  We’d already eaten but had a very good Obatzn plate, which went well with the beers.

Such a lovely little Bierkeller & a great Obatzn, too.

I finally got back to this great Keller in September 2020. With COVID-19 restrictions, many places cut their hours but to combat things, this one actually extended theirs! Odd for Franconia, they are open every day at 11:00 and we can only hope they continue this next Keller season. They also have a special warm meal every day even at lunch, ranging from burritos to lasagna to pizza. Of course, they also have the typical Franconian Brotzeit suspects but also have warm Franconian dishes like Knochla even at lunch.

tasty Kellerbier & Knochla combination

I went for the Knochla as I wanted a good base for what would likely be a long day of drinking and it was quite tasty. The Sauerkraut was particularly good if you don’t like yours on the sweet side as can be the case in Bavaria. Washing it down with the brewery’s excellent Kellerbier did the trick too.

I returned later in the day to have their Weizenbock and though an odd beer on such a warm day, it was nonetheless and excellent one.

Beers: Kellerbier on tap. Seasonals like Maibock and Weizenbock when available.

In colder months, head to the Brauerei Gasthof Schwan.

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