Schwan Weizenbock

weissbier in glass
Schwan Weizenbock

Brewery: Schwan
Style: Weizenbock

Color: unfiltered amber

Head: off-white, thinning

Nose: rich malt, slight banana

Body: medium

Palate: richly malty, banana, yeast

Finish: lingering, dried fruit
Served: on
tap at the brewery‘s Schwanakeller

Impression: I found this an unusual beer to have at a Bierkeller in summer. A friend had mentioned they had it the last time he was there and we were talking about it while at Hermann’s Keller in nearby Ampferbach and decided to head back to the Schwanakeller to have one. I like the style but they vary greatly not only in quality but also in what the brewer is going for. This one was quite full of banana but I still found it dangerously drinkable and the dried fruit coming out in the finish made it one I’d seek out again, though hopefully at a cooler time of year.

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