Schlüsselfeld was founded in 1336 and became a recognized market town some 60 years later. With a few remnants of its wall intact and some charming architecture, it remains a pleasant town mostly frequented by German tourists and intrepid beerwanderers. The main square features the Petrus Fountain and a bit closer to Stern-Bräu lies the Church of Saint Johannes d. Täufer.

Petrus Fountain and the Church of Saint Johannes d. Täufer

Schlüsselfeld has quite a brewing tradition and at one time some nine breweries were within its extended boundaries. Sadly, six of those have closed and two of them (a second Stern-Bräu in Elsendorf and Adlerbräu right in town) now have their beer contract-brewed.  Thankfully, the Scheubel family has kept what is left alive.  The other good news is there is a new kid on the block called Hertl since 2012. Below are links to my reviews of those places.

Scheubels Stern-BräuSchlüsselfeldedit


Braumanufaktur Hertl
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