Another small village more noted for its surroundings, it does not disappoint on that end with fantastic rocky outcroppings that climbers find as tempting as beer wanderers find the village’s beer.

Brauerei Stadter
aufsess stadter exterior
Hauptstraße 26
91347 Aufseß-Sachsendorf
Tel: 09274-8193

Ebermannstadt 20 km

Opening hours:
Closed Monday (unless it’s a holiday, then closed Tuesday)
Tuesday from 5 PM
Wednesday to Friday from 10
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 9

Output: 250 HL

Founded in 1884, this is the smallest of the Aufsess breweries when it comes to beer production and since it’s the one most removed from the three others, it’s a lot less busy. That’s okay by the people who make the effort to get here. It’s not only a pretty walk but the beer is perhaps the best on this trail.

The lone beer, a Landbier,  is a fruity dry amber one and I quite enjoyed it as well as a very tasty and obviously homemade Schnitzel. It took them quite a while to make it, but it really was great. Everyone else seemed to relish theirs, too!

A homemade Schnitzel & tasty brew awaits you

I’ve been here a few times now and finally got to return with my wife while she wasn’t driving. After the long hot walk from Hochstahl, we had some bread with Griebenschmalz (a delicious mix of pork and duck fat, made into a spread). I’d told her about the long wait for the Schnitzel on my previous visit. It wasn’t quite as long and it was a fair size bigger, as well. Think we had better timing as though it got busy after we’d ordered, we were one of the first ones seated.

another tasty meal at Brauereigasthof Stadter

Beers: Bernsteinfarbenes Landbier (actually brewed at their brewery in Bayreuth)

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