Dating back to 1266 in written records, Rüdenhausen is one of those funky little places with an obviously semi-glorious past due to a centrally located castle.  It’s just that wee bit run down to give it an off-the-beaten-path feel and if not making a beer pilgrimage, it’s unlikely to attract foreign visitors. That makes it all the more appealing if you’re looking for a great beer in an authentic local place. If you’re looking to do some hiking, there are some fine paths nearby as well.

Brauerei Gasthof Wolf
rüdenhausen wolf exterior
Paul-Gerhardt-Platz 7
97355 Rüdenhausen

Tel: 09383 440

Rooms available

Kitzingen 15km/bus service from Kitzingen

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 18:00-22:00
Friday to Sunday         12:00-22:00

Output: 800 HL

Founded in 1746 and in the Wolf family since 1864, Braurei Wolf is a small local with friendly owners and a warm menu every day. The simple interior may have seen better days but the beer more than makes up for it and the food is quite good too.

tasty Pils, brewpub interior & brewing history on sign out front

We arrived right when it opened and were the first and it seemed only guests that day. It was a Friday lunch and during COVID-19 so certainly understandable. We were warmly welcomed and asked to fill out the requisite paperwork during this pandemic. The reason for the visit, their Urtyp Dunkel was soon in front of me and it was great indeed, reason enough for coming in itself. We both went with their specialty of Rinderbraten. The sauce was excellent and the dumplings very much homemade. The owner explained it would take some time as they were being made fresh. They were worth the wait and it gave me more time for their beer!

Urtyp Dunkel, Rinderbraten & old sign out front

While I was waiting, I had their Pils since it was listed as their main beer. It was quite good but I’d say a notch below their dark beauty. The Rinderbraten was a bit mixed. We both had one exceptional piece and the second one was a bit on the dry side. Of course, we both inadvertently ate the better slice first but you have to be forgiving in these times when visitors must be down. The sauce and dumplings were excellent, though it seemed a bit pricey for the portion size.  Overall, it was a very good meal and the beer was worth the trip in itself.

unfiltered golden beer in pewter lidded mug with bottle

Wolf Bock

I sadly have not made back out to this tough to reach brewery but a friend was recently there and picked up a bottle of their Bock for me. I unfortunately couldn’t pick it up until a few months later and it was a bit oxidized. That said, I enjoyed it appreciated receiving it. I’d like to make my way out next Bock season to resample it.

Beers on tap: Pils, Urtyp Dunkel

Beer calendar:
Bockbier from November to January (as long as it lasts!)
Kellerfest is 2nd or 3rd weekend in August
Kirchweich is the last Sunday in August

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