This very small village has a cute little main square with a church and a nice little guesthouse so it makes a good overnight stop, especially if doing the hiking circuit to surrounding breweries.

Brauerei Weber
röbersdorf weber exterior
Ringstraße 46
96114 Röbersdorf
Tel: 09543-7882

Hirschaid Station 6 km/irregular bus service

Closed Wednesday & Thursday
Daily from 9

Output: 2100 HL

Founded in 1800 and stopped brewing in 2017, this is another village family affair with variable closing hours depending on how busy it is. The interior has a rustic feel, all in wood and the outside seating area may lack trees but there’s ample shade and a nice atmosphere. There is a warm menu most days but again, don’t get there late expecting a full meal or you may be disappointed. That was the case for me. I’d been there for a passing beer twice but had always wanted to eat there.  On returning, I got there a bit late and had to settle for an admittedly excellent mixed meat plate. Both their Landbier Hell and Landbier Dunkel are similar dry affairs and quite good.

Sadly, the Weber family stopped brewing as of 2017. They are at least still having their beer contract brewed by quite capable Brauerei Rittmayer in nearby Hallendorf so the restaurant is still there. I’ve not been back since I learned of the shutdown of brewing operations but imagine it’s not changed dramatically. That said, it’s a sad day when a brewery stops brewing no matter how you dice it. It looks like Gänstaller from Schnaid is taking over the pub and brewing there. Stay tuned for updates.


Landbier Dunkel & Hell and a great mixed meat plate

Beers: Landbier Hell, Landbier Dunkel

Beer calendar:
Kirchweih is the second weekend in 2nd weekend in June.

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