Reundorf is a small village with a church and a few places to stay. Brauerei Müller is still very much in business but it appears the village tap is no longer in use. Once upon a time, it was open in winter and their atmospheric Bierkeller, The Schmausenkeller, was open in summer. After a major renovation to the larger facility just on the outskirts of town, the decision was made to make it the year round outlet for their fine food and beer. It appears the locals have become used to the idea and its scenic location is worth the walk.

reundorf müller exterior
Lange Straße 2
96158 Frensdorf-Reundorf
Tel: 09502-280

Bamberg Station 11 km

No longer serving. Go to their Schmausenkeller on the outskirts of town.

Output: 700 HL

Founded in 1874, this is a great family run brewery with the brewer often serving the beer at the Schmausenkeller. Timeless. Don’t miss it.

reundorf schmausenkeller exteriorAm Bahnhof 13
96158 Reundorf
Tel: 09502-608

Bamberg Station 11 km

Opening hours (new from the Facebook page as of May 2018):
Monday from 4 to 9
Tuesday from 11 to 9
Wednesday from 4 to 9
Thursday from 11:30 to 9
Friday from 4 to 9
Saturday from 12 to 9:30

Sunday and holidays from 11:30 to 10

They are generally closed from the end of January to the beginning of March for winter vacation. Check their website for exact dates as they vary from year to year.

From the middle of March until the fourth weekend in October:
There are no closed days unless there is bad weather on a Thursday

From the end of December until the end of January
Closed Wednesday and Thursday

The Schmausenkeller is a classic. I’d wanted to go forever and when I finally got there it lived up to all my expectations.  It’s set in the woods and reached by a very nice forest walk. The half-timbered house is set on a hill with ample trees surrounding. There are nice views from just about anywhere you sit. The interior is cozy enough but if there is fine weather, it won’t even be open as everyone will be outside enjoying the views and atmosphere.  Excellent hot meals on Sundays and holidays and great value snacks at other times. There’s only one beer on tap but you won’t be disappointed: it’s a winner and you’ll likely have to leave before you want to stop drinking it.

I was rushed the first time in as I had to catch the last bus from nearby Reundorf so only had time for one Kellerbier and their tasty Zwiebelkäse (a tastier version of cottage cheese with onions).

Zwielbelkäse with an amazing Kellerbier served by the brewer himself

I returned a few months later for their Bockbier Anstich and enjoyed a Schäuferla and a fantastic Bockbier.

One hell of a Bock and Schäuferla

I finally got my wife there this summer and we had a great Rouladen (beer roll stuffed with pickles, onions, bacon and mustard).  Even with all the hype from me, she was not disappointed, and that was without being able to drink a Kellerbier as she was driving!

Reason enough to move to Reundorf

Good friends from the US were a great reason to return once again and this time with a room for a couple nights in nearby Sambach. They loved the place. It was the first time my wife was able to drink the Kellerbier and needless to say, I won’t have a problem convincing her to return.

 Beer: Kellerbier on tap in summer, Pils on tap in winter.

Beer calendar:

  • May tree goes up at the Schmausenkeller on May 1st
  • Bockbier Anstich on the 3rd of October
  • Kirchweih is the 2nd weekend in October

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