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Located in the Upper Paltinate, the northeast region of Bavaria, and founded in 1393, Neuhaus has been part of the larger Windischenenbach since 1972.  The town has had some major fires, the first in 1662 destroying it in near entirety. In 1887, another wrecked havoc but the character of the town prevailed as it was rebuilt the same year.

Neuhaus Castle & its looming Tower, the Butterfassturm

Today, Neuhaus is the southern gateway town to the Waldnaabtal Nature Reserve, a lush protected area with numerous granite formations. Its hilltop castle, originally built in 1300, with its impressive tower outlook, looms over the town. It along with the Church of St. Agatha serve as its main tourist sights aside from the abundant nature in its surroundings.

The Waldnaaptal & the Church of St. Agatha

Of course, for the beer aficionado, Neuhaus is most interesting for its thriving Zoigl scene as along with Windischeschenbach, it forms the highest concentration of Zoigl producers in the world. Though brewing rights were bestowed on Neuhaus in 1415, the current Kommunbrauhaus located on Wurzerstrasse dates only to 1876, spared by a large fire in town a mere year later.  The original was on Burgstrasse on the estate of the coincidentally named Rupert Beer.

brewery exterior

Kommunbrauhaus in Neuhaus on Wurzerstrasse

Neuhaus has six Zoiglstuben and have managed to get to all of them. Click on the links for my reviews of them along with information on location and opening times.


Teicher Zoiglstube

Beim Käck’n

Bahler Zoigl


Zum Waldnaaptal
Zum Waldnaabtal
Marktplatz 1
92670 Neuhaus
Tel: 096 81 / 37 11


Opening hours:
Closed Friday

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