Löwenbräu Keller

buttenheim löwenbräu keller exterior
Eremitage 3
96155 Buttenheim
Tel: 09545-509346

Opening hours:
Monday, Thursday & Friday 15:00-22:00
Saturday & Sunday 11:00-22:00
May to August:  Closed Tuesday
September to April: Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Buttenheim Station 2 km

This is a large (for Franconia) Bierkeller with leafy trees and a full service restaurant onsite. The outside food dispensary has snacks and larger meals occasionally.   It may not be quite as nice as St. GeorgenBräu venue across the road but it’s a great place to enjoy their Kellerbier on tap in a very nice Krug.

The Löwenbräu Keller on a quiet mid-week afternoon

I finally got back to this fine little Keller over the Pfingsten weekend after its reopening from the COVID-19 lockdown. We’d stopped at neighbor St. Georgen for a quick snap and beer but decided to split a warm meal here as it was quite cool in the shade. We had a lovely Kummelbraten and the beer, while not quite what it once was, was still quite serviceable with the meal. It’s tough to pick this over its neighbor if you only have time for one but it’s still worth a stop if you can squeeze it in.

a fine hot meal & a still gravity dispensed Kellerbier

Beers: Kellerbier from gravity dispense, Weizen, Pils, dunkles Weizen, Bartholomäus Festmärzen, leichtes Keller in bottles.

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