Löwenbräu Kellerbier

St. Georgen-Bräu Kellerbier

Brewery: Löwenbräu
in krug so no visuals, looks amber or dark golden
Head: white, sudsy

Nose: floral
Body: medium

nicely balanced, hoppy
Finish: clean, slightly bitter, moreish

Served: on tap at the Löwenbräu Keller

Impression: This is a nice enough Bierkeller but it really pales in comparison to neighbor St. Georgen. One plus is they have good and possibly better priced food and an even bigger positive is they still serve their Kellerbier from gravity dispense barrel. This is another beer that has become more simple over the years and was a favorite when I first started wandering for beer in Franconia in the 90’s. I had it more recently and still found it a serviceable Kellerbier and hoppier than most.

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