The Aufsess is renowned as the Guinness World Record holder for most breweries per head in the world. Though technically in its own village of Hochstahl, Brauerei Reichold is postal code-wise in Aufsess. Not much to see in the very tiny village but you will see a lot more people than you might have imagined before knowing the above beery fact. At any rate, it’s not a quiet rural pub but that’s part of the fun. It’s a good place to make a base if doing the Aufess Brauereienweg.
Brauerei Reichold
Hochstahl 24
91347 Aufseß
Tel: 09204-271
Ebermannstadt 18 km/irregular bus service
Opening hours:
April to October:
Wednesday to Sunday from 8
Monday & Tuesday from 5 pm
November to March:
Monday & Tuesday closed
Wednesday to Sunday from 8
Output: 4000 HL
Founded in 1906, the Reichold family has over a 100 years experience and it shows. The often super crowded restaurant runs like a smooth machine though there is sometimes a disconcerting setup where you buy your beer from a stand and waitresses take your food orders and bring that out. I was happy that was not the case the last time I was there.  At any rate, you don’t have to wait long.  They also offer good value rooms and it’s a great base for the beery circuit that brings all these people here.
I’ve had a few great meals here. The Schäuferla (or pork shoulder) is tasty and falls off the bone. My super fussy father had Krenfleisch (think pot roast with a horseradish-based sauce) that he claimed to be among the most tender beef dishes he’d ever eaten.  All their beers go down well after a long day of hiking, too.

Tasty Schäuferla at the bottom and Krenfleisch above
Beer: Hochstahler Lager, Hochstahler Zwick’l, Hochstahler Weizen, Hochstahler Dunkel
Beer calendar:

  • Kirchweih is the 2nd Weekend in July
  • Kirchweih is the lst weekend after November 10th
  • Maibock in May

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