More renowned as the home to Adidas, Herzogenaurach is actually a surprisingly cute little medieval town I’d have certainly missed if it weren’t for the regionally noted Brauerei Heller.  It’s an easy bus trip from Erlangen but the limited weekend opening hours for the brewery make a visit challenging.

Brauerei Hans Heller
herzogenaurach heller exterior
Hauptstraße 33
91074 Herzogenaurach
Tel: 09132 2073
(ceased brewing in December 2021)/still open, serving Held-Bräu beer

Erlangen Station 11km/regular bus service

Output: 5000 HL

Opening hours:
Monday through Friday 7:30-5:30
Saturday 8:00-12:30 (sharp!)
Closed Sunday

Founded in 1874, this very small center of town brewery is a throwback to another age and fits well in the medieval framework of the surprisingly atmospheric town.  Old accounts show more typical hours for such places, being open for lunch with a midday break and reopening for the evening but it’s strictly a daytime affair probably due to the brewer getting up there in the years.  So, it’s either go during the week or head out there for a post breakfast brew on Saturday. We tried to do just that, arriving a little after noon only to find a non-too-happy proprietor ready to close. My wife pleaded, explaining we’d come all the way from Munich and he relented to us having one beer.  It was a nice malty Export and though I’d have liked to enjoy a few more of his wares, I settled for taking a couple of Schwarzbiers with me to go.

Not a long visit but worth the effort just the same. Places like this aren’t likely to be around for long so enjoy them while you can.

Heller’s Export and great old sign

I finally got back out to this fine little brewery and had enough time for not only a few beers but also to enjoy some very tasty Bratwurst. It was quite busy and if I’d arrived 10 minutes later, it would have been tough getting a spot.

a great simple lunch stop

The locals were friendly and even offered to take a photo of me with my beer when I’d been given a particularly well-poured beer. The Export was even better than I’d remembered and the seasonal Festmärzen was superb too. I’ll try to get back more quickly the next time. (I wish I had as the brewery is sadly no longer operating)

great to get back to Hans Heller & their great Festmärzen

Beers: Heller Export, Heller Pils, Heller’s Schwarzes, Heller Hefe-Weißbier, Heller Zwickl

Beer calendar:
Heller Kirchweih-Bier (July to mid-August, December to mid-January)
Heller Fest-Märzen (Mid-August to December, mid-January to July)
Heller Herzogenauracher-Bock (end of October to end of March)
Heller Weihnachts-Festbier (end of November to end of January)
Summer Kerwa is the beginning of July
Martinikerwa is the weekend after All Saint’s Day

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