Small village with one big attraction and unfortunately even that has dimmed in light of it no longer being a brewery. Sadly, the once revered Brauerei Barnikel now has its beers contract brewed by Rothenbach in Aufsess.

Brauerei Barnikel
herrnsdorf barnikel exterior
Haus Nr. 28
Herrnsdorf 96158

Hirschaid Station 8 km/Bamberg 15 km
Closed Wednesday
Daily from 10

Founded in 1314 and stopped brewing in 2012, Barnikel was not only one of the very oldest breweries in the area but also one of the most revered and beloved. It’s sad that places like this don’t always last forever. Though it is of only some consolation, the business is still in the same family and the great old atmospheric inn is still very much as it was when it was brewing. For that reason alone, it’s worth stopping  for a meal and the warm hospitality.  Of further consolation is that their beer is being contract brewed by Rothenbach in Aufsess, a very capable Franconian brewery with good beer in its own right.

One can only speculate on why but to be honest, these small breweries often have a hard time making ends meet and as the brewers get older, it just doesn’t make sense to continue on.  A few places still brew and close their restaurants, some close entirely and as with Barnikel, some choose to stay open and have others brew their beer. I, for one, am happy they are still there. If you stop by, you will be too.

Still a classic old Franconian pub & contract-brewed Dunkles

I’d only been here once and it was sadly after they’d stopped brewing. I did not know this at that time and part of the knock on Barnikel is they are not exactly forthcoming with the fact that they are no longer brewing. That said, I had a very nice experience there and plan to go back. I had a great mixed meat plate. It was busy and I’d missed the hot food by a half hour. I had the Helles on tap and Dunkles in a bottle. Both were quite good, despite being contract-brewed.

Mixed meat plate & a fine (if contract brewed) Dunkles

I returned recently when showing some friends visiting from the US the nearby Schmausenkeller. They loved the place and the beer so I’m sure whenever I’m back in the area, Barnikel will remain a stop.

still worth a stop for the atmosphere and even the beer

Beers: not sure of the current range but they had a Helles, Dunkles and Rauchbier
Beer calendar:

  • Bockbier in November but not sure if still brewed

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