Hermann’s Keller

(just south of town, on the road between it and Burgebrach)
96138 Burgebrach (Ampferbach)
Tel: 09546/372

Opening hours:
From mid-April to the end of September
Wednesday to Monday from 3:00
Closed Tuesday

This large atmospheric and shady Bierkeller is one of the best, especially on a hot summer day. It’s little wonder their brewpub in town is closed during the Keller months. It would be the rare person to pick it over this leafy paradise.

Hermann’s Keller is a shady beer oaisis

Though my September trip to Burgebrach had Hermann’s Keller as its main focus, its later opening hours, a good looking hike to Mönchsambach and a meeting with a friend led to it being a quicker stop than planned. So, I didn’t get to eat there and only had one of their very tasty Kellerbiers. The food looked good and they had the usual Bierkeller cold items and a few warm dishes to round things off. I saw enough to know I’ll try to get back in 2021 to enjoy a longer stay!

I got back in August of 2021 and found out this little Keller has a view from a few vantage points and some decent Brotzeit as well. Next time, I want to get there earlier and stay nearby!

another short but sweeter visit

Beers: Hermann Kellerbier

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