Ampferbach is a small village that is part of the greater town of Burgebrach, with the same postal code. Though Burgebrach is a charming enough small town, it’s unlikely any international tourist would make their way here if not the type looking for a beery pilgrimage. If you fall into that latter category, this is by all means an area to make your way to. Not only does Burgebrach have a fine brewery so does its postal stablemates of Mönchsambach, Grasmannsdorf and Ampferbach. Along with the fine breweries, there are numerous hiking trails crisscrossing the area which conveniently can be utilized to wander from brewery to brewery.


Brauerei Hermann
Brückenstrasse 3
Ampferbach 96138
Tel: 09546/ 372

Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday
Wednesday through Monday 9:30-1:00 & from 3:30 in the afternoon

If you find the front door locked, walk around to the back and enter from the rear where the outside seating is.

Output: 800 HL

Founded in 1754, the Hermann family still runs a very traditional village pub in town as well as a Bierkeller just on the edge of town.  With a simple cozy interior and friendly owners, it’s easy to see why. There is a simple menu but for special events, a more elaborate one but the reason to come here is for their fantastic beer.

the idyllic Hermann Bierkeller on the edge of town

We stopped here in the middle of a nice walk that takes in both it and Grasmannsdorf before returning to Burgebrach. We’d had a big breakfast and had to catch a midday bus so there wasn’t any time to sample the food. In fact, there was only time for a fairly quick beer. Though their Kellerbier is the most noted from the brewery, I opted for the Weihnachtsbock since it was on tap on our winter visit.  I hope to return in summer to not only have their lower octane session beer but also to check out their fine looking Bierkeller, which we spotted from the trail on the way into town.

Brauerei Hermann’s lovely dry Weihnactsbock

Beers: Ungespundetes Lager on tap, Urstoff Hell and Weissbier in bottles
Seasonal: Weihnactsbock from the end of October

Beer calendar:
Kirchweih is the last weekend in May or after Whit Monday if that weekend
Bockbieranstich the last weekend of October
Carp and Game day on November 1st

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