Ampferbach is a small village that is part of the greater town of Burgebrach, with the same postal code. Though Burgebrach is a charming enough small town, it’s unlikely any international tourist would make their way here if not the type looking for a beery pilgrimage. If you fall into that latter category, this is by all means an area to make your way to. Not only does Burgebrach have a fine brewery but so does its postal stablemates of M√∂nchsambach, Grasmannsdorf and Ampferbach. Along with the fine breweries, there are numerous hiking trails crisscrossing the area which conveniently can be utilized to wander from brewery to brewery. Ampferbach has Brauerei Hermann and its summer venue, Hermann’s Keller. There is also a former brewery with a beer contract brewed for them: Max-Br√§u and its Max Keller. I’ve not been to either (yet) but hope to check them out soon and file a report.

Brauerei Hermann
Hermann’s Keller

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