Halsbach (Lohr am Main)

Halsbach is in the same postal code as nearby Lohr am Main which lies in the Main-Spessart county of Lower Franconia. Even on the dreary day we stopped for lunch, it was a cute little town and appeared to be fairly affluent.  It’s unlikely you’d ever find yourself here unless coming to dine at Am Dorf Brunnen, which used to feature the local Lohrer Bier still heralded on their sign. They switched to Keiler as most in the area have but also sell one from the small village’s Goikel Bräu.

the small hamlet of Halsbach

We stopped by Goikel Bräu but it was Good Friday so knew it would not be open. We hope to return soon to pick up some of their bottled beers but we did have a great lunch at Am Dorfbrunnen where they serve one of their beers on tap.

Am Dorfbrunnen


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