Am Dorfbrunnen

red brick restaurant in small german village

Am Dorfbrunnen 1
97816 Lohr am Main (Halsbach)
Tel: 09359236

Lohr am Main Station 9 km

Opening hours:
May through September:
Thursday to Sunday 11:30 to 14:00 & from 17:00

Closed Monday to Wednesday
October through April
Thursday & Friday from 17:00
Saturday & Sunday 11:30 to 14:00 & from 17:00
Note it was open on Good Friday for lunch in early April, closed for dinner. Please call ahead.

The charming red brick building which houses Am Dorfbrunnen has been a restaurant since its being built in 1912. The current proprietors have been here for over 30 years. It’s quite large for a small village eatery but it has a great reputation and people obviously come from outside the village. The front room was very charming but packed. We had a reservation in the back room which was nice as well. We started off with a Bärlachsuppe (wild garlic soup) which was lovely and well-presented. I ordered a Weizen thinking it was from Goikel Bräu but turned out to be Keiler. Thankfully, I only got a small one.

a lovely wild garlic soup & Keiler Weizen

It being Good Friday, there was no meat on offer but the Zander filet was excellent nonetheless and served with perfectly cooked spelt noodles. I’d sorted out that most of the beers on tap were from Keiler. Only the chalkboard special heralding Goikel Bräu Kellerbier from tap was the real local product.

Goikel-Bräu Kellerbier & Zander filet

Though it was pricey for a village restaurant, the presentation of dishes and quality of the food was excellent across the board. The service was friendly and as professional as I’ve had in Germany. These are real servers who know what they were doing: taking care of their guests without being obtrusive.  It’s another out of the way place I’d be happy to return to.

Beers on tap: Goikel-Bräu Kellerbier, Keiler Weißbier, Keiler Export, Keiler Pils.

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