Brauerei Forst
half-timbered brewpub

91330 Eggolsheim
09545 8583

Output: 4000 HL

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Friday  16:00 to 22:00

Founded in 1525 and in the same family ever since, Brauerei Först and Drügendorf are about as linked as a community and brewery can be. Their pub, the Goldener Löwe, is the hub of the village and has been very nicely renovated in a modern but traditional style, complete with a green tile oven. It’s not the easiest brewpub to visit due to very limited hours and public transportation but I finally managed to make it in September 2020. Since I was hiking in from Eggolsheim and it’s currently only open three days a week, I called to reserve a table only to be told it was already booked out. I explained my situation and the owner said if I got there when it first opened, I could have a few beers before the reservations started filing in.

Först Lagerbier & their renovated cozy interior

I started with the flagship Lagerbier, an unfiltered dark malty treat. I’d had a couple times prior but it’s always best at the source. It’s their only beer on tap but I also had their equally tasty Export and a dry, fruity Keller-Pils. I’d eaten a fair sized lunch at Brauerie Pfsister about halfway along my hiking route but couldn’t resist their Apfelküchle.

a very nice Apfelküchle paired well with their Export

Though it was fairly empty when I got there, it was soon full and the people who had the table I was sitting at, arrived a bit early so I finished up and was on my way. I hope to get back for a full meal soon Everything looked great and service was quick and friendly.

I had walked in but was planning on taking the bus back. Unfortunately, it never came and it was one very long walk back.

Beers: Lagerbier on tap. Bottled Premium, Export & Keller-Pils.

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