Der Kronprinz

Gaustadter Hauptstraße 109
96049 Bamberg Gaustadt
Tel: 0951/96 43 05 14

Bamberg Station 3 km/bus service

Founded in 2016, Der Kronprinz is definitely one of the new kids on the Bamberg brewing block. In a city where all the breweries are at least a couple hundred years old, this upstart has made big strides in a short time by offering something different.  Forget about Franconian stalwarts like Schäuferla here. Think pulled pork, steaks, baked potatoes and their signature dish, a thicker version of Flammkuchen made of rye.

The beers are another big departure with ales replacing lagers, often with American hops or those mimicking their citrusy aroma and flavor. They have a fair size selection but some are only in bottles and it seems their beers on tap change. We had the Ebony Smoke Touch, a porter with a slightly smoky tinge. It was a very smooth and drinkable beer but I wouldn’t have returned just for it.  The soup of the day was a chestnut soup with big pieces of bacon as a garnish. It was good and quite filling.

Hoppy Jack & the chestnut soup

We were glad we shared it especially after the Roggen Koenig (flat bread type Flammkuchen) came out. They have a lot of choices and we got the Alte Franken, which had fresh creme, bacon, ham, cheese, mushrooms, red and spring onions. It was huge. Admittedly, we weren’t all that hungry when we got there but no way I could EVER eat one of these on my own and it was only €12.90.  Even on a hungry evening, it would have been enough for the two of us. The next beer was Hoppy Jack and it was a beauty, a bit of a Stone Arrogant Bastard clone with a whopping 8% alcohol content.  It and the meal were enough to return again. In a town like Bamberg, which is blessed with a multitude of great breweries, that’s saying a lot.

Alte Franken Roggen Koenig

Beers: American Pale Ale, Blond Munich Style, European Amber Lager 1.0, European Amber Lager 2.0, Ebony Smoke Touch, Special Keute.

Seasonals: Belgian Style Wit, Black Pearl IPA, Bourbon Whisky Ale, Bunnahabhain Whisky Ale, Columbian Coffee Stout, Fastenbock, Garrison Brothers Whisky Ale, Habemus Papam, Hoppy Jack, Krampus, Porter, Red October Wheat, Red October Wheat Dry Hopped.

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