Brauerei Herold
büchenbach herold exterior
Marktstraße 29
91257 Pegnitz-Büchenbach
Tel: 09241-3311

Pegnitz Station 6 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed TuesdayDaily from 9

Output: 1200 HL

Founded in 1568, the Herold brewery is still in the same family’s hands and is the unofficial starting point of the Bierquellenweg with rooms available.  It’s a nice old village pub with a particularly atmospheric bar area. The gravity dispense barrel is a welcomed sight.

My first time here, I enjoyed their tasty dark lager with their mixed meat plate.  My hiking buddy said their Bratwurst was great, too.

Mixed meat plate is ample and their everyday beer is anything but

They have larger hot meals on Saturdays and Wednesdays and my second time there, I had a very nice Tafelspitz (a type of pot roast with horseradish sauce).  My last time at the atmospheric pub was short as I embarked on a very long walk to Hintergereuth, some 20 miles away.

Atmospheric bar area and a tasty Tafelspitz

I finally got to spend a couple nights here and an highly recommend it. Though they only have hot meals a couple nights a week, they do butcher their meats so their cold meals are excellent too. I had another mixed meat plate one night and Haekepeter (raw beef and pork ground meat) another. Both were excellent. I also got to have their Maibock again and it’s a dark Bock to seek out.

Herold Maibock, Hackepeter & mixed meat plate

Beers: Beck ‘n Beer
Beer calendar:
Maibock from the middle of April
Weihnachtsbock from the middle of December

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