Brauerei Hölzlein

hölzlein exterior
Ellertalstraße 13
96123 Litzendorf-Lohndorf
Tel: 09505-357

Bamberg Station 11 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Monday, Thursday & Friday 16:00 to 22:00
Saturday & Sunday 15:00 to 22:00
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
Output: 1700 HL

Although brewing in Lohndorf likely dates back to 1500, the Hölzlein family traces its founding to 1781 with a descendant still at the brewing kettle. Today, it’s a fine country Inn with a lovely if small Biergarten in its courtyard. I say small because it’s very popular and for good reason: great food and beer.

I’d had my share of disappointments with visiting this elusive brewery due to limited opening hours, early closings and most recently being entirely closed for vacation. So, you can imagine I was very happy to see a load of cars parked out front the last time I made the pretty walk from Tiefenellern to this beer oasis in Lohndorf.

Though the Biergarten was already bustling, we were happy to find a shady table. As it turned out, we were just in time as a few groups arrived at our heels.  The interior was predictably quiet but looked to be a place to thoroughly enjoy on a cold winter day.

copper dispensary, cozy interior and scenic Biergarten of Hölzlein

I only found out about the interior due to the only slight odd in these parts concept of food orders being taken by servers (who in turn bring the food out) while drinks being ordered at the bar (and in turn you bring your own drinks out).  It actually comes in handy if you just want a beer or are impatient waiting for a second one. The bonus was I got to see the quite cool copper fronted dispensary of a gravity dispense tap for their great Vollbier. The second tap looked to be a regular one for their rotating seasonal. In summer, it appears to be a Pils but they do brew a bock in autumn.

the crew enjoying the Hölzlein Vollbier

We hadn’t walked all this way to just drink so though we had seen the half-chicken on the menu and were all ready to order it, we than saw another diner being served an enormous Schnitzel so decided to split one of each.  They were both flawless and served with a nice homemade potato salad.  Prices are quite reasonable.

half-chicken and Schnitzel with potato salad were both winners

I was back again recently on a hot summer day and enjoyed the leafy Biergarten as well as a great plate of Dosenfleisch, served with fresh local bread. It’s definitely a place to enjoy a meal.

the leafy Biergarten and a great plate of Dosenfleisch

Thanks to a good friend who loves the place enough to drive there for a meal, I’ve managed to get back a few more times. Once for their mind-blowing Bockbier and also enjoyed their innovative Brotzeit Schnitzel, where the usual breaded fried pork is covered in both Zwetchgenbames and Zwiebeleskäs.

their hearty Bock & Brotzeit Schnitzel

Beers: Vollbier

Beer calendar:
Festbier at the Kirchweih on the 2nd Sunday in August
Rauchbier in late summer

Bockbier from the last Friday in October (Bockbieranstich that day)
Pils occasionally

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