Brauerei Gasthof Schwan

burgebrach schwan exterior
Hauptstraße 16
96138 Burgebrach
Tel: 09546-306

Opening hours:
October to the middle of April:
Monday to Saturday from 16:00
Sunday & holidays from 10:30
Closed Tuesday

Bamberg 16 km/regular but limited bus service

In warmer months, head to their Schwanakeller.

Output: 1000 HL

Founded in 1394, the hotel is one of the oldest in the county of Bamberg. The traditional old inn has great value rooms and an atmospheric dining room. There is a full menu and a large assortment of beers, including seasonals.  We were there in summer and though we could stay in the hotel and got our breakfast in the great old brewpub, it was not open for meals or even a beer. Thankfully, the weather was fine and we could go to their amazing Schwanakeller on the edge of town.

The picture below was from when we spent the night in the brewpub, something that is currently no longer available due to lack or personnel. It also accounts for the nice light showing off an amazing old world brewpub. We finally got back to Burgebrach this past winter and stayed next door at a nice guesthouse. We spend the day at the Bockbieranstich at Zehendner in Mönchsambach so only got back to Brauerei Schwann after dark. It was empty (probably most people were at Zehendner!) and their Bock, while good, paled in comparison to the one we’d just drunk from gravity dispense. It wasn’t very well-poured and was hence a bit over-carbonated. I didn’t find this to the case at their Keller. We also incorrectly ordered the whole carp rather than carp fillets so weren’t overly happy with our meal. Sometimes, it’s bad timing and coming on the heels of the Zehendner experience, this was surely the case.

cozy interior of Brauerei Schwan & their Weihnactsbock

Beers: Schwanen Kellerbier, Schwanen Weisse, dunkles Märzenbier, Schwanen Pils, Schwanen Urhell.

Beer calendar:

  • Dopplebock from the end of January
  • Hubertusbock from the middle of October
  • Weihnachtsbock at Christmastime
  • Dopplebockanstich is the end of January
  • Kirchweih is the 1st weekend of October (with Kerwasbier)
  • Hubertusanstich is the middle of October
  • Weihnachtsbockanstich is the end of October

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