Brauerei Gasthof Hotel Landwehr-Bräu

Reichelshofen 31
91628 Steinsfeld-Reichelshofen
Tel: 09865 98 90

Rothenburg ab der Tauber Station 8km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Daily from 7:00

In 1050, a customs station was built on this spot along with an Inn and smithy. It serviced the merchants and travelers making their way to Rothenburg ob der Tauber some 8 km away. A then noted wine house, it was bought around the turn of the 14th century by the mayor of its famous neighbor, Heinrich Toppler. Though he was not responsible for turning it into a brewery, their signature Pils is named after him. With the founding of the brewery by Michael Gunder in 1755 and the purchase and expansion by the Alt-Wörner family in the early 1930s, the Inn’s future looked promising. It continues to do so.

an historic old Inn

A member of the Private Brau Gasthof group, they offer over overnight accommodation just as they did nearly 200 years ago. Their fine restaurant is justifiably popular with a wide range of traditional meals with some more modern ones thrown in for good measure. The outside seating area has some chestnut trees but I sat inside to absorb the old world ambience.

beamed empty interior & shady BG

With the way the buses run I didn’t have a lot of time so was happy they serve their beers in both .4l and .25l pours. When they came out in branded glasses and generally carefully poured, even more so. I wasn’t expecting amazing beers and knew I’d not likely be back anytime soon so it gave me a chance to sample all of those on tap. To save time, I started off with both their Edel, described as an Export and their Kellerbier.

A pair of .25l beers well-poured

With a three day weekend ahead of me, I opted for something light and their Maishähnchen fit the bill, served with a pancake and creamy white asparagus. These chickens take on a yellow hue due to a high concentration of corn in their diet (at least 50% for this designation). It was lovely if a bit smaller than I’d imagined. I shouldn’t complain as I’d wanted to eat light and that I did. I moved onto their Altfränkisch Dunkel in a full .4l pour. Service had been quite good but right when I needed a quick beer, my server seemed to have gone AWOL. I managed to get a small Pils and my bill in time.

Landwehr-Bräu Altfränkisch Dunkel, Toppler Pils & Maishähnchen

Though outside in time for the bus, I wound up missing it but that’s another story to be told in a blog. Suffice it to say, the very nice owner ensured I made it back to town safely. While I enjoyed my meal at this great old historic Inn, it’s not as easy to get to (well, and back from I should probably say) as you would think considering its proximity to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, so I am unlikely to return anytime soon. I found their beers readily available in town and sometimes in better form. I must say the act of kindness by the owner goes a long way, and I would very much recommend it for a special meal, especially if you are traveling by car. I’m sure it’s a very nice place to rest your head after a meal and a few Altfränkisch.

Beers: Landwehr-Bräu Edel, Landwehr-Bräu Toppler Pils, Landwehr-Bräu Altfränkisch Dunkel, Landwehr-Bräu Kellerbier all on tap. Bottled: Landwehr-Bräu Hell, Landwehr-Bräu Rotfränkisch and seasonal beers. Their beer menu is nicely done and well-displayed so no problem seeing what they have on both tap and in bottles.

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