The pretty little hamlet of Aufsess is the true hub of the beer hiking trail that bears its name. With a hilltop castle looming over the gently flowing river and the brewery itself, it makes another great spot to spend the night.

Brauerei Rothenbach 

brewery and castle
Rothenbach at base of castle

Im Tal 70b
91347 Aufseß
Tel: 09198-8282

Ebermannstadt Station 15 km

Opening hours:
1st of April to the end of October
Daily from 8
Beginning of November until mid-November
Closed Tuesday
Daily from 8
Mid-November until December 6th
Closed for vacation
7th of December until the 23rd of December
Closed Monday to Thursday
Friday to Sunday from 8
26th of December to the 6th of January
Daily from 8
7th of January until the end of January
Closed for vacation
Beginning of February to the end of February
Closed Monday to Thursday
Friday to Sunday from 8
Beginning of March to the end of March
Closed TuesdayDaily from 8

Output: 15000 HL

Founded in 1886, the largest of the Aufsess Valley breweries is quite an operation with rooms and an extensive hot menu available every day. It also outproduces all the other breweries and is hence the most widely available. It was oddly enough, the last of the breweries I visited probably due to its being more commercial. That said, I’d had a few of their beers in bottles and always found them well-made.

I finally got to stop in on my four-day hike through Franconia and since it was fairly early in the day, I didn’t get to sample their surely excellent food. I did have their Dunkel on tap and it was quite good.  Hope to perhaps stay there one night soon and sample more of their wares.

Aufsesser Dunkel & Zwickl

I returned with my wife to do the entire circuit and enjoyed the Zwickl but once again was not hungry when there. The food looked great and think we’ll stay here next time to enjoy the food and the sizeable line-up of beers.

Beers: Aufsesser Dunkel, Aufsesser Festbier, Aufsesser Pils, Aufsesser Hefeweizen, Aufsesser Zwickl.

Beer calendar:
Hopfentrunk from September till the end of the year
Aufsesser Bockbier Hell from November until January/February
Aufsesser Bockbier Dunkel from November until January/February
Kirchweih is the 3rd Sunday in September
Bockbieranstich is the beginning of November

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