Alterlangen (Erlangen)

The small village of Alterlangen, which is formally part of Erlangen, is just over the bridge from the main town. It’s about a 25 minute walk but there are regular buses between the two. It was off the map so to speak until the Krapp family added a small brewery to their already busy restaurant.

Alterlanger Straße 6
91056 Erlangen (Alterlangen)
Tel: 09131 438 85

Erlangen station 2km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Thursday to Saturday  16:00-22:00 (warm food until 20:00)
Sunday 11:00-14:00 & 16:00-22:00 (warm food until 20:00)
Closed Monday to Wednesday

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Founded in 2020 and part of an already busy family restaurant, this was an unplanned stop on my part on our way back from the nearby Hofbräu Oberle. I’d met a good friend, beer ground breaker Manuele Colonna, there for lunch. He had to drop off some empty kegs off at this relatively new brewery. I’d not even heard of it but was happy to stop in. The owner/brewer was enthusiastic and gave ample samples of all three of his lovely beers. At the time, he had a Rogenbier in place of his regular Weizen. I didn’t have time to take any notes. Next time, I’ll be sure to.

the Krapp beers were lovely

I had hoped to return for their Bockbieranstich but it never panned out. It’s relatively easy to get to from Erlangen but the opening hours aren’t the greatest if you’re coming all the way from Munich. I’d like to stop for lunch but I guess it will have to be on a Sunday!

Beers: Seebrunserla (helles Lager), Alterlanger Landbier (Kellerbier), Weizen all on tap.

Beer calendar:
Bockbieranstich in October

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