Aisch (Adelsdorf)

Aisch is a small unremarkable village that you’d probably not notice if driving through it. Well, that is if you didn’t notice the incredibly cute little Biergarten that is right on that street. Home to the “other” Rittmayer, it should be on every seeker of unique and old-world beers.

Brauerei & Gasthaus Rittmayer
Aischer Hauptstraße 5

91325 Aisch (Adelsdorf)
Tel: 09195 72 22

Erlangen station 16 km

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 9:00 to 14:30
Saturday                  9:00 to 14:30 & 17:00 to 23:00
Sunday                     9:00 to 14:30
Closed Monday

Output: 3000 HL

Founded in 1685 with a Rittmayer still at the brewing helm, this is a well-run and popular little place. They seem to know what they’re doing especially when it comes to return on output. They are only open for lunch outside of Saturday evening but from the looks of a Friday afternoon when when we stopped by, they pack them in for it. They feature a fair-sized menu and have daily specials.

cozy interior of Gasthaus Rittmayer

Though the interior looked cozy, once we saw the incredibly cute little Biergarten just across the road we knew we had to sit there. We were the first to arrive so easy to get a seat but soon found out that was increasingly hard as lunchtime neared.

cute Biergarten with half-timbered beer dispensary & Hausbier

With a half-timbered beer dispensary and lots of shady trees, this was perhaps the nicest Biergarten that is part of a restaurant I’ve ever seen. It was still a bit early for lunch so I only had a beer and they generally only have one, a very tasty and different for the area Hausbier. It was brought from across the street but later they tapped a gravity dispense barrel in the small hut. Not sure I’ve ever wanted a second beer more. It was slightly early for lunch since we’d had a large breakfast and we had plans for lunch at another brewery.

gravity-dispensed from a half-timbered dispensary

The food looked fantastic and I still look back on not having lunch there and of  course, the second beer. I hope to rectify it soon.

Kerwa in Aisch

I recently returned for the somewhat subdued but still very pleasant Kerwa. They had tables set up in the courtyard of the brewery across from the scenic Biergarten. While it wasn’t Kerwa-busy, it was still plenty busy for a Monday and when I arrived, the Biergarten was already full. Since it was nice out, I was happy about the tables in the Hof. Again they had a gravity barrel in the hut of the Biergarten and thankfully that was where the Kerwabier was coming from. I liked it even more than the Housebier and my meal of Kalbschüferla (veal shoulder) was equally fabulous.

veal shoulder & Aascher Kerwabier

This looks like it will be a regular lunch stop and looking ahead at the beer calendar, it might be in December.

Beers: Aascher Hausbier

Beer calendar:
Osterbier from three weeks before to Easter
Kerwabier for one week from the first weekend in August
Weihnactsbier for two weeks in December

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