Ahorntal Brauereienweg

This is a long rural route that passes through varied scenery with a possible visit to a hilltop castle at Burg Rabenstein. It also links two fine out-of-the-way breweries that hearken back to former times. This is a chance to escape the crowds (well, aside from the castle!), too.

Breweries: 2 (Held-Bräu, Stöckel)

Distance: 24 km

Starting Point: Oberailsfeld is about as accessible as you get but Kirchahorn or Burg Rabenstein would do equally well.


Stage 1: Oberailsfeld to Kirchahorn (6 km). This is perhaps the most scenic stretch passing  through lush forest by Burg Rabenstein, where there is a falconry, as well.

Lush forest en route to Oberailsfeld passing by Burg Rabenstein

Stage 2: Kirchahorn to Hintergreuth (6 km). This passes through open farmland and small villages which gets you ready for a true country Inn at Brauerei Stöckel.

Rural Hintergreuth with Brauerei Stöckel

Stage 3: Hintergreuth to Brünnberg (4.5 km). This passes by the highest point of the trail at 529 meters.

Solitude on the scenic trails

Stage 4: Brünnberg to Oberailsfeld (7.5 km). The home stretch is long but Held-Bräu awaits as your reward.

Pretty trail back to Oberailsfeld & the rewards there

Places to stay: Burg Rabenstein has upscale castle rooms and Kirchahorn has some more economical options like the Fränkisches Schweiz Guesthouse. Unfortunately, Held-Bräu is not renting rooms at the moment. Hopefully, they will return to doing so as it would be the ideal location to stay. I don’t believe there is anywhere to stay in Hintergreuth.
How to get there? This is a remote area and though there are buses, they are infrequent with Oberailsfeld being the most accessible. A car comes in handy in these parts. You could also connect it to nearby hikes with somewhat better accessibility.

If you have any questions about access, please drop me a line.

If you’re not up to doing it on your own, I’m available for guided trips into this pretty valley with timeless breweries.

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