Aufseß Braueienweg

aufsess landscape
This is one of the most popular beer walking circuits and for good reason. It’s in a very pretty valley and the trails are not only well-marked but also groomed and gentle. If you are not a big hiker, this is the beer hiking circuit for you.

Breweries: 4 (Stadter, Reichold, Kathi-Bräu and Rothenbach), one at the end of each stage.

Length: 14 km round trip

Starting Point: Aufseß is a scenic little town with the distinction of being the Guinness World Record holder for most breweries per head in the world. All of the small towns on this circuit have a brewery and are part of the Aufseß postal code.

aufsess map
Stage 1: Aufseß to Sachsendorf (5km) is a very pretty stretch passing through verdant hills, rocky outcroppings and quaint little villages. It gently follows the river and you can enjoy a nice amber brew at the Stadter Brewery as a reward.

Scenic Aufseß valley en route to Sachsendorf

Stage 2: Sachsendorf to Hochstahl (5km) is the longest stretch and most remote part of the trail so when you get to the Reichold Brewery, you’ll have a good thirst worked up.  Beds available but book ahead.

the more remote part of the circuit

Stage 3: Hochstahl to Heckenhof (2km) is a short stretch with a lush forest and the fine reward of one of the most scenically cute breweries in Kath-Bräu.

The charming Kathi-Bräu and my even more charming wife

Stage 4: Heckenhof to Aufseß (2km) is another short but steeper section of trail. Views of the Aufseß castle greet you as you come into the small town, as does the Rothenbach Brewery.

The Aufseße Castle and Rothenbach Brewery

Places to stay: Both Rothenbach (Aufseß) and Reichold (Hochstahl) have rooms and there are numerous rooms/apartments along the circuit.

How to get there?  By car, it’s about a half hour from Bamberg and an hour from Nuremburg.  Local buses do run from Bamberg (an hour) and Ebermannstadt (a half hour) but are infrequent.  You should always check before setting out, the bus you’re planning on taking might be a school bus (actually ok, if it’s running as they are public buses) that is not running that day as it’s a school holiday!

If you have any questions regarding access, please feel free to drop me a line. If you don’t feel up to doing in on your own, I’m available for guided trips.

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If you’d like to find out more about beer hiking around all of Bavaria, please consider consulting my book, Beer Hiking Bavaria oder auf Deutsch: Bierwandern Bayern.

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