Useful links

Some like-minded beer bloggers who also love beer hiking:

Prime Passages: An American living in the Southwest who writes about a range of beery topics and manages to do beer hiking wherever he gets to by leaving no beery stone unturned.

Tempest in a Tankard: An American who spends part of the year teaching in Vienna, writes about a range of alcoholic beverage experiences and counts beer hiking amongst his favorites.

These are some of the sites I use to find information about beer in Franconia. Most are in German but much of the information is easy enough to figure out or you can use a page translator if you find that tiresome:

Franconian Beer Guide: One of the first sites on Franconian breweries in English.

Bierland Oberfranken: German site listing breweries in Upper Franconia.

Braufranken: Informative German site on breweries and their history all over Franconia.

Bier By: German site with listings of breweries all over Bavaria.

Fränkische Brauereien: German site on Franconian breweries, open and now closed.

German Breweries: Fairly up to date listing of all breweries in Germany in English.

These are some of the mapping sites I find most useful:

Waymarked Trails: Great map for finding long distance routes which often link breweries.

Mapy CZ: Great Czech mapping site.

These are general sites in German but some have English versions available. I’m a listed tour guide on both:

Fränkische Schweiz: Great information about Franconian Switzerland.

Fünf Seidla Steig: Official site of the noted beer hiking trail which lists me as a recommended guide.


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