Brauerei Büttner
Untergreuth 8
96158 Frensdorf
Tel: 09502 342

Bamberg Station 10 km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday to Thursday
Friday to Sunday 15:00 to 22:30

Output: 1500 HL

Founded in 1782 and a Büttner at the helm of the brewery for seven generations, this tiny brewery in an even tinier village is renowned for its Vollbier.  The Bierkeller is in the courtyard of a barn but is leafy nonetheless with quite a few large trees. The small pub is full of wood paneling and old world atmosphere.

the cozy but empty pub

As you can read below, I had my fair share of hassles trying to visit this somewhat remote brewery with unfriendly opening hours. Well, if you’re coming without a car anyway. When I say limited bus service, I really mean it. Recently a friend in Bamberg offered to drive us there and we jumped on the opportunity. We got there not long after opening and it was already quite full. I finally got to sit and enjoy their marvelous Vollbier and a plate of house-butchered Pressack and Doenfleisch.

Büttner Vollbier & mixed meats

For anecdotal purposes: on our first visit,  we were taking my 90 year old father to Saxony to visit my wife’s family for the weekend and as we generally do when we rent a car, we stop at a brewery for an overnight stop en route.  In this case, it was not possible to get a room in Reundorf so we were staying in Röbersdorf that evening. We figured we’d drop by Brauerei Büttner for a quick beer. It was a Friday night and at first we couldn’t even find it, even in such a small village. That was until we realized that the one spot with a crazy amount of cars out front was the brewery. It was absolutely packed.  Not only was everyone in Untergreuth there, but it seemed everyone from nearby villages, too.

Needless to say, with a wife who’d driven all day and wasn’t drinking until the car was parked for the night, our stay didn’t last long.  I had one (amazing) beer and we were gone. I did find out that the beer is not overrated and I’ll make sure to get a room closer next time.

back in Untergreuth and at Büttner

We got back recently when friends from the US were visiting and we had them out beerwandering in the area. We had stopped at Barnikel and the Schmausenkeller and did a big loop to take in Untergreuth on the way back to Sambach for the night. It was a Sunday and late afternoon so it should have been open but since Monday was a holiday and it is usually closed on Mondays, they decided to close on Sunday and be open the next day. We sat in the Biergarten and drank our water. It’s a gorgeous spot, surely even more pretty with one of their beers in hand. Hope to get back when it’s open next time!

Beers: Helles Vollbier

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