erlangen steinbach bräu exterior
Vierzigmannstraße 4
91054 Erlangen
Tel: 09131 89 59 12

Opening hours:
Daily from 5:00 PM
Erlangen Station 850 meters

Output: 1000 HL

Founded in 1995, this small cute little brewery is a local favorite with an atmospheric if small Biergarten and self-service food outside.  Beer is served by staff and it looked like food was inside, too.  There are nesting storks on the property, explaining their logo.

I was excited about this place despite being a semi-new brewpub. From my experience, most of the places started in the 90s aren’t very good.  The newer craft beer breweries from the past few years can be great but generally, I like the older places.  That said, this one sounded good and as I described it above, it’s certainly a nice looking place and very pleasant place to hang outside. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the food or beer. We shared a plate of some of the worst Bratwurst we’ve ever had in Franconia, a place noted only after Thuringen for them.  Their everyday Storchenbier was a bland top fermented blunder at best.  Thankfully, we shared one but the second offering they had that day, 5-Kornbier,  wasn’t much better. It had a sweetish palate and cloying finish.

Looks better than it tasted

I had some time to kill in Erlangen while waiting for my train so used the small window to return to Steinbach-Bräu. I was planning on having their flagship but saw they had their Bergkirchweihbier on tap and gave it a go since I missed the festival yet again this year. Let’s put it this way, I won’t waste a beer on theirs when I do eventually get to the Bergkirchweih!

unfiltered golden beer in logo mug


Steinbach-Bräu Bergkirchweihbier

Beers: Storchenbier

Rotating Seasonal: Goldblondchen, Braunbier, Scotty, Bergkirchweihbier, Pale Ale, 4-Kornbier, Bergweizen, Hopferla, Dinkelbier, Fastenbock, Hopfenkuss, Altstadtweizen, Erlanger Sommer, 5-Kornbier, Einkornbier, Hopfenkrone, Winterkorn, Roggenbier.

They seem to like their Korn!  haha  I might stop here again if I saw one of their Hopfen named beers was on tap. From what I tasted, their beer needed a lot more hops.

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