Brauerei Witzgall
Schlammersdorfer Straße 17
91352 Hallerndorf
Tel: 09545 74 52
Eggolsheim Station 2 km/regular if a bit limited bus service
Output: 1200 HL
Founded in 1811 and still in the same family with a Witzgal manning the kettle, this classic small brewery is readily accessible and offers up a true rural experience with little effort. That said, it seemed like another world entirely in 2002 when I asked my new girlfriend (and now wife) to take mere here with her car on the way back from visiting her parents in Saxony.  It was before a GPS was common in cars and Google Maps. In fact, we had no map whatsoever and had to rely on asking in a local gas station.  My wife is German but returned to the car saying she couldn’t understand what the attendant had said due to his thick Franconian dialect. We found it but there were only four older guys and the brewer within and all looked at us a bit perplexed to find a pretty young woman walking in on a winter evening.  We still laugh about it and she said she didn’t really think we’d still be doing such things 16 years later. Perhaps if she did, she would have left me before it was too late.
We returned in 2012 to find it pretty much unchanged. It was a brilliant sunny day and warm enough to sit outside. Even my wife thought it was pretty okay.
A gorgeous looking Witzgal Vollbier
Beers: Vollier on tap and an unfiltered Landbier in bottles
Beer calendar:
Weihnachts-Festbier from the mid-November to mid-January
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